Your Life as a Parent Will Be Much Easier If You Stop Caring About These 3 Things

Life as a parent can be hard, but often we make it even harder on ourselves without realizing it. One of the main things that most of us do to inadvertently torture ourselves is care about things that simply do not matter or that will not be solved at once by our worrying. To make life easier, I have vowed to stop caring about the following things.

Keeping Up with Other Moms

pinterest moms

Pinterest and Facebook have made it really easy for moms to cut and paste their own life, putting their best face forward. It is really easy to get sucked into a guilt hole when looking through photos of their DIY creations and amazing vacations to Italy. I have come to the realization that despite their shiny photos and best laid plans, all of these moms also have days where they feel they are failing all over the place. Instead of trying to keep up with anything, I will accept that we all have good days and bad – and I will post my own beautiful pic when we are actually at the beach or DIY crafting.

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