Your Kids Benefit in These 3 Ways When You Take “Me” Time

Taking time out for yourself can feel selfish when your kids demand your attention. However, taking care of yourself is not selfish and can do a whole lot of good for not only you, but your kids and spouse. Check out these three ways that you taking “me” time benefits your kids, then go take a hot bath or do something else to soothe your soul.

Gives Kids “Permission” To Pursue Their Own Hobbies


When you take time to pursue a hobby regularly, it gives your kids permission to do the same. When they see you engrossed in something, their first response will most likely be to try and get your attention. Explain that you want to do this thing that you enjoy and go back to it. Invite them if it is something that can be done together. Disallowing yourself to be ripped away from your hobbies will teach your kids to enjoy their own hobbies and set them up for greater independence.

Helps you Unwind

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You simply can’t reach your parenting potential if you don’t allow yourself to unwind. Taking “me” time lets you decompress and relax both physically and mentally. This will help you to be clearer and happier in all aspects of your life and will stop you from snapping on your kids unnecessarily.

Will Teach Your Kids to Entertain Themselves

A cute happy toddler boy playing with a large cardboard box.
A cute happy toddler boy playing with a large cardboard box.

If you jump to entertain your kids every time that they say they are bored or demand your attention, your kids will always demand to be entertained. This sets them up for an unfulfilling life. Taking time for yourself – and letting them know that you are not to be bothered – forces them to entertain themselves.

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