What You Should Know about Broken Bones


Broken bones are a very common occurrence for kids, most kids will break at least one bone throughout their childhood, especially if they play sports or perform other highly physical activities. For the most part, broken bones heal fine and do not cause further issues. When a bone breaks, it can be scary for both parents and kids, though. The following are a few things that you may wish to know just in case you child breaks a bone.

How to Tell If It’s Broken

Broken bones do not always look the same, depending on where the break occurs and whether it dislocates. If the break dislocates, it may look deformed. If it doesn’t, there may be some swelling and it may be tender. The child will have a hard time moving it and it will be painful. If there’s any question, a doctor can administer X-rays to see whether the bone is broken or not.

When Surgery Is Needed

Compound fractures may need to be aligned using surgery, especially if the bone comes through the skin. If the bone is shattered in any places, surgery may also be required to correct it. In some cases, pins may need to be put in so that the break doesn’t affect future range of motion.

What If It Keeps Happening?

If a child continually breaks bones, it can be a sign of osteoporosis or other issues. Osteoporosis in children has become increasingly common. The condition is usually associated with a calcium deficiency. If children cannot drink milk, it is important that they take supplements and eat other calcium-rich foods so that calcium deficiency does not occur. Calcium deficiency may not only affect children when they are young, it may lead to issues with bone density when they are older.

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