What To Do When Your Toddler Won’t Eat Anything You Make

The struggles of dealing with a picky eater are the bane of some parents’ existence. It is tough enough to juggle job responsibilities, household duties, child care, and meal making, but then when you finally get a chance to sit down with your little one and he or she won’t pick up their fork, it can be downright frustrating. The following are a few tips that can keep you from losing your cool.

Check for Illness or New Teeth

toddler cutting teeth
Many children will reject all food when they are not feeling well or when new teeth are coming in. Before assuming that your child is just being fussy, check to see if they may be uncomfortable for one of these reasons. If they are cutting new teeth, try serving yogurt or mashed potatoes, as these softer foods way feel good on the gums.

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