Understanding the Common Core Shift


When common core was introduced, many parents had a canary. Common core involves learning in a different way than parents are used to, so many parents fear that they won’t be able to help their children the way that they would like to. The world is changing, though, so education needs to change in order to prepare students for college and careers after school and to make sure that children do not struggle in the grades ahead.

Clearer Objectives

Common core defines specific objectives that each child should meet for each grade level in all subjects. This makes it much easier for teachers and students to understand what is expected and then strive to meet those expectations. Since common core has been adopted by most states, issues of students being behind when they move or change schools are reduced greatly. Standards are much more universal than in the past.

More Time Spent on Fewer Subjects

In addition to having clearly defined objectives, common core focuses on teaching fewer lessons, but going more in depth with the lessons. The lessons that are selected are geared towards teaching children how to solve problems on their own and understanding broad formulas that can be applied to many different areas in life and in the classroom. Instead of having teachers rushing to just broach many different subjects, teachers can take the time to make sure that all students completely and deeply understand every single lesson that is taught.

Future of Common Core

States are working to implement standards for the common core principles, but the curricula will never be mandated. Common core emphasizes using diverse methods to solve problems, so that main idea is carried through by allowing teachers to develop lesson plans that work best for them. Universal assessments may be developed, however, to ensure that all students understand certain basic concepts before moving on to the next grade level.

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