Tony Horton P90X Challenge

This is a picture before the class started that’s me doing the howdy dooty wave in the blue jacket. I really enjoyed participating in this group class. It was so awesome to have Tony Horton live and in person right there. And I won a p90 workout program.

Don’t worry, you haven’t returned to the 80s, look at your hair in a mirror and that should confirm it.  Tony Horton is still around and making the ladies, like the one waving in the blue jacket, hearts flutter. Having said that Tony Horton hasn’t necessarily changed his style since then and still promotes old skool, bootcamp type exercise. In fact, p90 has developed to p90x, p90x2 and p90x3! Whoah! Slow your roll Tony.

At the healthy for kids office, we agree we’re on p90, and really only browsing the back cover. As you move into the ‘X’ for eXtreme phases, they become more intense and can be a tad on the lengthy side and also require some equipment. But Tony Horton hasn’t been in our faces this long without success. He still raves about diet and is associated with the Shakeology brand and has never professed a pill will fix it all. He also maintains his principle of muscle confusion to keep it fresh and effective. Confused? Not as much as your muscles will be!

But Tony Horton is realistic and his mantras take the pressure off:

1. “Do your best and forget the rest”

Healthy for kids already wrote about his next mantra. See? We’re on the pulse!

2. “Laughter. One word, a multitude of benefits. Laughter helps to lower stress, boosts your immune system, and is a natural muscle relaxer.”



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