Toddler Birthday at the Farm

Turning two is a wonderful age for both parent and baby, who is now officially a toddler! At this age they can walk and talk, they absorb their environment and of course, wreak havoc! It’s a critical age for brain development so celebrating your toddler’s birthday at the farm is a great activity. This is the age when you will see their personality develop through toys and activities. Exposing your toddler to different environments will trigger key brain functions for learning new skills. As a parent, this is your moment to shine, a few years down the line it will be a battle to encourage learning.

Of course with the development of personality comes conflict otherwise known as the terrible twos, which is merely your toddler expressing their new abilities and you shaping them into socially acceptable behaviors. It’s a tug of war but toddler time at the farm and similar activities, that we have also reported on, ensures for a well rounded little person.

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