The Homework Debate

the-homework-debateParents around the world have highly mixed opinions regarding homework. Some say schools are giving too much homework, some say too little, and others say that the homework being given is more busywork that takes up their precious time than actual worth-while work. The dilemma can be frustrating for parents that get to enjoy very little free time with their children or have to become drill sergeants within the home in order for the kids to get all of the homework done. Equally frustrated are those parents that see poor grades and test scores come in after barely any practice time with homework.

What’s the Right Amount?

The recommendation by the National PTA and the National Education Association is 10 minutes per grade level per day. So that’s 30 mins of homework for third graders, 60 mins for sixth graders, and so on. This balance allows kids to get ample time to get their energy out, have dinner with the family, and still be able to focus on homework. It also prevents younger kids with shorter attention spans from being overwhelmed by work.

Type of Homework

Many parents feel that teachers are giving homework for the sake of homework, with no real added value to their education. There is a push to make sure that kids get enough homework, so it is possible that teachers are filling in the blanks with tedious work instead of making sure that all homework is necessary and relevant. On the other hand, some parents see kids struggling with homework that they do not understand and feel that teachers are trying to push learning time off onto homework-which should really be used for comprehension and reinforcement. Where do you stand in the homework debate?

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