Teaching Kids to Tie Shoelaces

kid-tying-shoelacesTeaching kids to tie shoelaces can be difficult for both parents and children. Children all learn differently, so it makes sense to try several different ways to tie shoelaces until one is accomplished. Despite the frustration that may come, parents should remember that the feeling of accomplishment that children will get from finally being able to tie their laces will be worth it. Not to mention the eventual time saved on getting ready every day.

Shoelace Base Made Easy

Tying the first knot of the shoelaces in a certain way can make all of the difference in how easy or difficult the rest of the task is. Traditionally, most were taught to make one loop, pull it tight, and then start on the second knot. Simply looping the laces twice instead of once when making this knot will help to hold it in place more easily, however. This can eliminate a lot of the frustration that comes when children lose the first knot while trying to make the second.

Shoelace Tying Methods

It is estimated that there are about two trillion different ways to tie shoelaces. There are several ways that are well known and a few that are lesser known that may make the task easier. Parents should try several methods and see what method comes closest, then encourage children to keep trying that method.

Standard Method

The most commonly used method for tying shoes is to make a loop with one lace, wrap the other around it, and pull the loop through the hole in the center.

Bunny Ears

Another very commonly used method is bunny ears. Both laces are looped, and then a knot is tied with the loops. While this method seems easier, it is also easy to do wrong and can be difficult to untangle.

Fast Knot

A newer way to tie shoelaces is to loop both ends and pull them through each other. This is easy and does not cause the same tangling issues as bunny ears.

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