Teach Kids to Use Their Resources


Many families living in developed nations at this time have a very first world problem of having too many material possessions. The excess clutter can actually be stressful for everyone living in the home as the belongings continue to pile up and make it hard to find things and enjoy the possessions. De-cluttering and showing kids how to do more with less can be a valuable lesson for kids and can teach them a healthier way to live.

Waste Not, Want Not

When kids see excessive amounts of food getting thrown in the garbage, it teaches them bad habits. Throwing food away is a waste of both money and resources. Parents should show kids how to stretch food by using one item for multiple meals that are varied and interesting. Doing chicken pasta with vegetables one night and chicken tacos with slightly different vegetables the next can keep things fresh while using a few of the most perishable items in the refrigerator.

 Repair Instead of Replacing

Waste not, want not does not only apply to food items. Discarding toys, appliances, clothing and other household items that are broken or no longer needed teaches kids to throw things away rather than look for alternative ways to use the items. Doing DIY crafts using puzzles with missing pieces, torn shirts, or broken furnishings can teach kids how to utilize items that would otherwise be thrown away. Whenever possible, items that are good quality but no longer needed should be donated.

Buy Multiple Use Items

It can be tempting to buy flashy items that are only good for one use, but it can contribute to clutter. Try to gauge purchases by need rather than want and make sure that items purchased can be used for more than one thing. This can help to keep the home happier and better organized and can teach kids to better use their resources.

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