Teach Kids About Holidays Across the World


In recent years, there has been a lot of controversy about whether to say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or some other variation of the holiday greeting. Some people get bent out of shape about these different ways of greeting someone around the holidays, even declaring the alteration a “War on Christmas,” or an attempt to be politically correct. There are many different world holidays, however, not everyone celebrates in exactly the same way or calls it the same thing.

Research with Your Kids

Even if you have a pretty good idea about the main ways that holidays are celebrated around the world, it can be fun to do some research with your kids. Holidays are fun by nature! Seeing the different ways that people of different cultures dress, what kind of parades and celebrations they hold, and what the traditions are can be highly educational and engaging at the same time.

Adopt Your Own Traditions

Some of what you find out is bound to stick with your kids. It there is a particular dish that they would like to try or a costume that they would like to create, help them out. The process can be amusing and can help you to bond, and you may even be starting traditions that will last a lifetime.

Be Open Minded

No matter what religion you practice, race you were born into, or traditions you follow, you can always learn something new by investigating the way that other countries and cultures celebrate the holidays. You may even learn something new about the holidays that you celebrate, as many of them are firmly rooted in practices that came from other cultures and religions. Be open minded when researching other religions and be careful not to be judgmental in what you say about other cultures. You are helping to shape tolerant, open minded people when you do activities like this with your kids.

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