Be Honest with Your Kids

It may seem to be a simple concept, that being honest with your kids teaches them in turn to be honest and good, but many parents get side tracked and end up lying to kids about certain things. Lying is a bad habit to get into and teaches kids that it’s okay to lie if it serves certain purposes. Kids may also feel fewer qualms about lying to you if you regularly lie to them or … [Read more...]

Have your Cake and Eat it too, Raw!

I think it's time to get the dehydrator humming. I'm hankering for a Chocolate Frosted Flagel! (Page 50 of Eat Raw Not Cooked) Does this look yummy to you? More and more people are experimenting with raw food diets. To some it sounds gross, but until you've tried it, can you really judge? A flagel is a flat bagel, that's all, now that doesn't sound so bad does it? The raw … [Read more...]

Get your Psalms on Spiritual Parenting

Your life can feel relentlessly fast paced with unforgiving schedules of  your own and your kids, correct? But you're a busy mom who wants to give her kids every opportunity so you somehow get through it. Why make it so tough though? Spirituality can be an anchor for your sanity, a touchstone for rejuvenation throughout your day and an outlet for stressful situations. You may … [Read more...]