Pregnant? Flu Shot?

Flu season is here and you're bombarded with information about flu shots. How do you decide? Before you make a choice healthy for kids has outlined the key considerations, as any decision should be an informed decision.   PRO FLU SHOT: During pregnancy your immune system is weaker and you're more vulnerable to illness in general and even more prone to pregnancy … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates = PiYo

    From the creators of the pumpkin Shakeology, we bring you PiYo. PiWho? You ask.  A revolutionary workout that incorporates principles of pilates and yoga, hence Pi(lates)Yo(ga), and it's pregnancy approved. PiYo workouts are a terrific combination of 3 types of workouts. They have Yoga, Pilates and resistance training exercises. These workouts develop the … [Read more...]

5 Changes Parents Make After the First Born

 Illness The first child: Baby is sniffle free thanks to your protection from every weather extremity. The rest: The older siblings are germ infested, this baby has a runny nose from birth. Bu the older kids are proficient with the snot sucker so they do it and seem to enjoy it, leaving you kid free for 3-2-1 over! Nursing The first child:You had big hopes that your … [Read more...]