Black Friday Mommy Survival Kit

New Waze to Get to the Mall The holidays, the kids, the relatives, and oh my - the STRESS! Finding deals for coveted items on Black Friday is the easy part. Getting there and finding parking could make even the Pope grow horns. We've found a few apps for you based on real-time, community interactive apps to get you started. Mom tip: you can also research local apps for … [Read more...]

How Big is your Faith?

We hope you faith have bigger than your fears and your ass (if that's your problem area). If you're struggling, look at our article on letting go where you will hopefully find a faith boosting affirmation that strips you of any fears that try to smother your boisterous spirit. But faith is an acquired state of being, like acquired taste, not something to grab off a grocery … [Read more...]

Postpartum Mindfulness

It's absolutely true, nobody likes an asshole, and yet everyone needs an asshole! But perhaps you are in that stage of postpartum with raging hormones, exhausted, self critical and outwardly critical and yet you've been blessed with this precious new life. So what do you do? Have you considered being mindful? Mindfulness is one of the easiest states of being to achieve … [Read more...]