Top 5 Family Friendly Restaurants to Treat Your Little Ones

Taking your little ones out to eat can be a wonderful break from cooking – or it can be a nightmare if you bring them to the wrong place. Bored kids, unhealthy fare, and a lack of kids’ menus can put a damper on your evening. Fortunately, we have cooked up this list of great places to take your kids that won’t steer you wrong. Medieval Times Medieval Times will entertain … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters

Parents don’t always have it easy when it comes to feeding kids. While books and websites preach the virtues of feeding kids nothing but fruits and vegetables, parents of picky eaters may be happy just to see kids eat a cracker or chicken nugget. Some kids don’t want to stop playing to eat, either, which can make it difficult for parents to even get kids to eat anything at all. … [Read more...]

Helping Kids Lose Weight

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in America and many kids are having trouble shaking the extra pounds. Now more than ever before, children are leading sedentary lives. There are more hours of homework and many favored pastimes now involve video games and computer use instead of heart-pumping activities. While it is important to make sure that kids get more activity by playing … [Read more...]