Parkrun Obesity Out of Your Town

Obesity is a problem that has been growing among not just adults but our kids, too, for three decades. Yeah, sorry to put a dampener on the festive season, but there's no time like the present to make a start and maybe even influence your gift purchasing decisions. No doubt the ascent of the digital age has influenced the outcome, as did the television for the generations … [Read more...]

Black Friday Mommy Survival Kit

New Waze to Get to the Mall The holidays, the kids, the relatives, and oh my - the STRESS! Finding deals for coveted items on Black Friday is the easy part. Getting there and finding parking could make even the Pope grow horns. We've found a few apps for you based on real-time, community interactive apps to get you started. Mom tip: you can also research local apps for … [Read more...]

Pregnant? Flu Shot?

Flu season is here and you're bombarded with information about flu shots. How do you decide? Before you make a choice healthy for kids has outlined the key considerations, as any decision should be an informed decision.   PRO FLU SHOT: During pregnancy your immune system is weaker and you're more vulnerable to illness in general and even more prone to pregnancy … [Read more...]