The Definition of Insanity

  Does everyday feel like groundhog day in your family? Same arguments with your kids over food, bedtime, homework? If you don't try a different approach and still expect a different result, you could be insane! Seriously, whip out your dictionary and look up 'insanity'. But there is help! It's the same with your kids and your approach to overcoming sore points like … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates = PiYo

    From the creators of the pumpkin Shakeology, we bring you PiYo. PiWho? You ask.  A revolutionary workout that incorporates principles of pilates and yoga, hence Pi(lates)Yo(ga), and it's pregnancy approved. PiYo workouts are a terrific combination of 3 types of workouts. They have Yoga, Pilates and resistance training exercises. These workouts develop the … [Read more...]