Caring for Twins at Different Developmental Stages

Having twins can be a challenge for parents, but is often an advantage of sort for the twins themselves. Having a twin generally means that there will always be someone around that you can bond with, play with, and relate to. Having a twin usually also means that there will be someone right by your side as you embark upon the great, scary adventure that is school. … [Read more...]

Check in with Teachers Early

A new school year has begun and kids everywhere have started to learn new things from new teachers. This time of year can be intimidating for kids and a few poor marks or a misunderstanding of subject matter can begin a downward spiral that will be difficult to break later. By establishing a connection with the teacher(s) early, you can help to ensure your child’s success by … [Read more...]

Understanding the Common Core Shift

When common core was introduced, many parents had a canary. Common core involves learning in a different way than parents are used to, so many parents fear that they won’t be able to help their children the way that they would like to. The world is changing, though, so education needs to change in order to prepare students for college and careers after school and to make sure … [Read more...]