Pumpkin Shakeology

Shakeology boasts 70 ultra-healthy ingredients in a every 8oz smoothie. Just in time for Ha'lloween they've compiled this tasty pumpkin recipe. It's a nutritional powerhouse, with an unbelievable amount of great stuff in every low-fat, low-cal serving. You'll get protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, super-green foods, prebiotics, digestive and … [Read more...]

Ten Fiberlicious Ingredients for Kids

Fiber is an is an essential part of everyone's diet, but as usual it's better to get in on the ground floor and get your kids on the bandwagon. It's healthy for kids since it promotes heart health, pooping and regulates the release of glucose that keeps your kids moods and energy levels steady. Boost your kid's fiber intake by following these tips:  The skins of fruits … [Read more...]

Kids Superfood Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast is slated the most important meal of the day and for kids you can times that by a thousand. It's the perfect time of day to eat superfoods blueberries - for brain and nuts for body. Check out this fun smoothie bowl that's healthy for kids and they'll love it! Loaded with berries, including a heavy dose of the blue kind and topped with healthy fats from nuts and … [Read more...]