Tony Horton P90X Challenge

This is a picture before the class started that's me doing the howdy dooty wave in the blue jacket. I really enjoyed participating in this group class. It was so awesome to have Tony Horton live and in person right there. And I won a p90 workout program. Don't worry, you haven't returned to the 80s, look at your hair in a mirror and that should confirm it.  Tony Horton is … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates = PiYo

    From the creators of the pumpkin Shakeology, we bring you PiYo. PiWho? You ask.  A revolutionary workout that incorporates principles of pilates and yoga, hence Pi(lates)Yo(ga), and it's pregnancy approved. PiYo workouts are a terrific combination of 3 types of workouts. They have Yoga, Pilates and resistance training exercises. These workouts develop the … [Read more...]