Start Kids’ Days with a Healthy Breakfast

kid-healthy-breakfastAs parents, it is often difficult to make sure that our kids eat a healthy diet every day. Most kids are certainly not up to helping with this task, preferring instead to eat sugary snacks and junk food. When kids are in school, it is not possible to know exactly what they are eating. While you may be packing vegetables and fruit, they may be throwing it away and binging on their friends’ fruit snacks and candy bars. To make sure that kids are receiving at least some of the nutrition needed to fuel their young bodies for the day, it is important to start out with a healthy and filling breakfast. There are many different options that can start them out right.

Protein and Complex Carbohydrates

To quickly fill up in the morning, protein and carbohydrates are a winning combination. To make this the healthiest combination possible, whole grains should be served in the form of oatmeal, toast, or cereal. Protein can take the form of milk, yogurt, peanut butter, or eggs. Meats will also give a burst of protein, but should not be given every day due to the high fat and cholesterol content.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

To get fruits and veggies into the morning mix, smoothies, juices, or shakes may help. A small amount of spinach, carrots, celery, or other mild tasting vegetables can be inconspicuously mixed with sweet fruits such as pears and apples to give a burst of nutrients. Fresh fruits can also be given in cereal or on the side. This will supply fiber, vitamin C, electrolytes, and many other vitamins and minerals to help kids feel their best.

Fighting the Time Crunch

Since mornings are often hectic, it is best to plan ahead. Fruits and vegetables can be peeled and cut the night before to make smoothies and juices a snap to prepare. Cereals, yogurts, and other quick on-the-go foods can be purchased and stored in places that are easy for kids to reach and grab. Kids should be taught to start getting their own breakfast together to make the morning smoother and to set a precedence for good future habits.

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