Get your Psalms on Spiritual Parenting


Your life can feel relentlessly fast paced with unforgiving schedules of  your own and your kids, correct? But you’re a busy mom who wants to give her kids every opportunity so you somehow get through it. Why make it so tough though? Spirituality can be an anchor for your sanity, a touchstone for rejuvenation throughout your day and an outlet for stressful situations. You may not affiliate with a religion or one that recognizes God, but Psalms are like inspirational, motivating quotes that are relatable.

When it comes to health and fitness we associate that to diet and exercise, but a healthy mind is part of that, too. Parents don’t think they have time to meditate, but 1 to 20 minutes of meditation can buy you time since it changes your mindset. Spirituality can also be improved if you have a few inspirational quotes to refer to and Psalms are often quoted in calendars or books. Having a sense of peace and calm will enable you to be more patient with your kids, release anger so you can focus on their needs, the benefits are phenomenal and let’s face it, a happy Mom makes for a happy family!

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