Sore Throat Care and Prevention


As the air starts to get colder and drier and people start to stay indoors more, sore throats become incredibly common. Sore throats can be caused by many things. While the first thought that usually crosses anyone’s mind when they start feeling that scratchiness at the back of the throat is that a cold or the flu may be coming on, or maybe even strep throat, there are actually other more common causes. Simple changes in air quality, moving from very warm to very cold air or vice versa, and dealing with allergens released by the heating system may all cause a sore throat.

Take Care of Health

The winter is usually a very busy time, so it is easy to miss subtle signs that your child is not taking care of his or her health as well as they could be. The changes in daylight hours may affect sleep quality and make it more difficult for children to fall asleep and a lack of sleep can make kids more susceptible to sore throats and other ailments. Improper nutrition is another easy miss, as the holidays often promote unhealthy choices. Dehydration is another common winter issue, as the cooler weather can make kids feel like they don’t need to drink as much water.

Drink Hot Liquids with Honey

Honey helps to coat the throat, soothing it and making it feel less sore. Honey has also shown to provide natural allergy resistance. When you drink honey in tea or with lemon in hot water, you gain the benefits of the antioxidants in the tea or the valuable nutrients in the lemon. These things can all help to keep your throat feeling comfortable.

Gargle with Salt Water

Gargling warm salt water can help to clear out some of the congestion and remove allergens that may be irritating the throat. No matter what the cause of a sore throat, gargling warm salt water may help to soothe the throat and make breathing swallowing easier. If a sore throat is caused by allergies, it may even serve as a cure-provided the allergen is not still in the air.

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