Single Parents (without sex) and the City


imageThere’s no doubt parenting is a tough role and not for the faint hearted. It involves sacrifices you never even realized were a privilege before you were a parent. Single life sees attractive in these moments. Quiet mornings, uninterrupted dreams, waking up without a clue where you are or who you’re sleeping next to! Well sorry to burst your bubble but Sex and the City isn’t real life. Single people have their own set of problems that don’t come with the rewards of the unconditional love of a parent-child relationship.

Then there are single parents, how do they do it! It’s not a compromise between being single and having children that allows you the autonomy of making all the decisions, it doubles the demands of parenthood. Juggling resources is a common challenge and stretching the dollar to meet daily needs of self and family takes creativity. If finances are not the challenge, then it’s time. Single parents have all the same responsibilities of two parents such as school, activities, quality communication and care. Not to mention the demands of a work day, expectations of extended family and still making room for recreation and rest. Healthy for kids salutes the single parent! We invite you to visit our Facebook page where you will find a single parent resource and you can add your own helpful tips for other single parents.







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