Single Parenting Advantages and Benefits

single-parentingSingle parenting has gotten a lot of flack in the past, and some of it is undue. While children of single parents may become poorly adjusted and lonely, children with two parents may also suffer from these effects in some cases. There are actually some benefits to parenting solo that are often overlooked.

Less Arguing

In a single-parent situation, there is no other parent to disagree or have to compromise with. If done right, this can make for a more harmonious household in which the rules and consequences are consistent. There is no “playing mom against dad” to worry about. Children of one-parent families have actually been found in many cases to be happier than children in two-parent families where the couple is frequently arguing.

More Responsibility

Single parents have to tackle the work and home tasks, so some of these tasks are usually delegated to the children. These tasks must be completed for the good of the family, as there is quite literally no one else to do them. This heftier responsibility can help to shape work ethic later in life.

More Bonding Time

In single-parent families, there is typically more time for children to bond with their parent because there are fewer distractions. There is no spouse or other parent, so the sole parent is free to give their child their undivided attention. Bonds and loyalties may also become stronger.

Large Support System

In many single-parent situations, a larger support network of siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, fellow church members, or other friends and loved ones step up to help. These people often realize how difficult it is to raise a child alone, so they assist without condition. This larger support system can help children to become more socially developed and emotionally stable. Children may also have greater faith and trust in others because of the help that is frequently offered.

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