Should You Have That Second Kid? Consider These 4 Things First

Having a second child is something that many parents feel pressured with pretty much right after arriving home with their first child. Family, friends, and even well-meaning strangers will ask “When’s the next one coming?” There is an unspoken expectation to have a second child if you opt for a first, but a second child is not on every family’s agenda. If you are debating whether or not to have a second child, consider the following points.

It Will Be More Difficult to Juggle


Whether you have your second child nine months after your first is born or ten years later, there will inevitably be more to juggle than with only one child. You will have to attend to your first child’s needs while keeping your new baby in mind and make snap decisions about priorities. You will likely find that you have less time for yourself and you may miss out on a little more sleep than you did with only one.

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