Should You Get Your Child a Cell Phone?


With technology moving at an ever faster pace, many parents get to a point where they cannot decide whether or not to give their child a cell phone. Cell phones can help to improve safety and can give children access to a wealth of information, but they can also be a huge distraction and can get children in real trouble if not used thoughtfully. There is also the cost consideration.

How Responsible is Your Child?

Some children would take care of their phone and only use it for sensible things at five years old, while other children may be completely ungrateful and careless at 16. The age of the child shouldn’t really be that big of a consideration, the maturity level and actual need for a phone should weigh in more heavily.

Need for a Phone

A cell phone can increase safety in some cases. When teenagers start driving, a cell phone can help them to get in touch with authorities and parents if an accident happens. If children visit family members or another parent, a phone can give the child an instant way to connect if they feel uncomfortable or become separated. Even when children have to ride a bus or walk to school, having a phone can help them to have a way to contact parents if any worrying incidents occur.

Responsibility for a Phone

A cell phone is a hard core piece of technology these days that allows people to take pictures and videos, look up absolutely anything, and even post their own location. If children do not understand enough about what the phone can do and how to protect their privacy, they should not be given a phone. Children should also be willing and able to contribute in some way, such as doing chores, in order to earn their phones.

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