Selenium Link to Ebola

ebolaSelenium is not a mineral that’s at the forefront of consumers minds in comparison to zinc, but maybe it should be given its unhailed link to a healthy immune system. The Ebola virus, on the other hand, has ripped a fear through humans that’s global in scale. So what’s the point here? Research, not by the healthyforkids staff – we know our limits, is suggesting the Ebola virus feeds off the selenium in your cells! Holy! What?

No joke, when selenium levels in Ebola-infected cells drop, or are low to begin with, the virus reproduces and “escapes” in search of cells with more selenium which spreads, the infection throughout the body. Eek! Maintaining healthy selenium levels can contain the spread of viruses and HIV has been an example. Although the link between selenium and Ebola is not as advanced as the HIV connection, it seems enough evidence to not take the risk. Four brazil nuts should cover it for daily requirements, but we compiled a few more suggestions incase you’re feeling fussy:


  • 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds contains 19mcg of selenium, for 34% of daily requirement and 204 calories.
  • 1/4 cup of sesame seeds contains 12mcg of selenium, for 23% of daily requirement and 206 calories.
  • 2 tsp. of flaxseed contains 4mcg of selenium, for 7% daily requirement and 75 calories.
  • ­1 cup cabbage contains 3.5 mcg ­ 6% of DRI and 44 calories.
  • ­1 cup spinach contains 3 mcg ­ 5% of DRI and 41 calories.
  • ­1 cup broccoli contains 2.5 mcg ­ 4% of DRI and 55 calories.
  • Chia seed – 1 oz. contains 15 mcg and provides ­28% of your daily requirement.


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