Reminder: Your Kids Can Only Eat What You Buy


In the struggle to figure out how to get kids to eat healthier, many parents somehow get too wrapped up in trying to figure out how to get their kids to stop eating all of the cupcakes and potato chips and lose sight of the fact that the kids couldn’t eat those things if they weren’t in the cupboard to begin with. This is not to say that no snacks should be allowed in the house, but it is a wake up call that we are really in charge of what comes into the house.

Healthier Grocery Choices

The most convenient thing to grab is often what we grab when we’re hungry, and the same goes for kids. If potato chips are always conveniently at hand in the cabinet, that is likely what kids will grab. Instead of trying to coach kids to not go for those potato chips, simply don’t buy them. If there are no potato chips, but there is a bowl of apples and bananas on the table, kids will usually go for that next. Making healthy choices easy and accessible can do wonders for reforming kids’ eating habits.

Setting the Example

If there are usually snacks in the house, chances are good that they are there because you eat them regularly, as well. Telling kids to eat healthy as you binge on soda and potato chips is hypocritical and ineffective. Kids may not eat those things in front of you. But the minute you are out of the room they will replicate your snacking habits. This goes double for when they are at friends and relatives homes and out of your sight. Setting the example by making healthier choices for yourself will have a huge impact on their choices.

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