Relieving Childhood Earaches

childhood-earchesEaraches in children are very common. It can be tough to determine the cause of an earache and whether it is serious or not without seeing a doctor. Since earaches that have been caused by certain things can be dangerous to kids’ hearing and health, medical professionals should be consulted. However, some home remedies may help relieve the pain until a doctor can be seen. Earaches are not contagious, but may interfere with concentration, so parents should gauge the child’s pain level before sending to school or child care.

Oil Treatment

Placing a few drops of mineral oil or olive oil into a child’s inner ear can sometimes help to relive pain. Warming the oil first may be even more beneficial, but heating the oil too much can cause damage to the eardrum. If desired, oil can be followed by water to flush the ear out. If the earache was caused by dust or insects, this may help to cure the earache.

Warm or Cold Treatment

Placing a warm or cold compress over the ear can help to relieve the pain, in some cases. A cool or warm washcloth can be held over the ear for about 20 minutes. Warm air from a hair dryer can be blown into the ear to relieve pain, as well. Again, hot air should not be used as it can be detrimental to the ear drum.

Chewing Gum

If the earache is caused by sinus pressure, chewing gum may help to relieve the tension. This type of pressure often builds after going on an airplane, diving, or taking a car trip to a place with different altitude. Sucking on candy or drinking fluids may also help if gum is unavailable or if the child is too young to chew gum safely.

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