Queen Elizabeth Pinky Power at the Gym

We can all use a good lol.

When you think of sticking your pinky out, don’t you automatically think of the Queen Elizabeth and other Royals drinking tea? Well apparently pinky posing is being applied to every aspect of life and we’re loving it! Try to imagine old Queenie pulling off a squat with her pinky’s stuck out, laughing yet?

The act of sticking out one’s pinky finger while drinking dates back to the medieval practice of using it for dipping into spices, such as mustard or salt, while eating. Knives and forks were not typically used so food was eaten with the hands, with pinky finger extended out to remain clean so they could be dipped into spices and placed on the tongue. After the 16th century, utensils became commonplace and sticking out your pinky is seen as pretentious.

An interesting pinky fact is that 50% of your hands strength is in your pinky! So pretentious or not, Queen Elizabeth approved or not, the Royal wink or not, we all need pinky power for our squats!

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