Put the Shoe on the Other Foot: Let Your Kids Teach You


On this blog, we usually talk about ways to teach your kids the important lessons or to help them get along better at school. After all, kids are little sponges that are constantly learning. Everyone enjoys being able to strut their stuff and show what they have learned once in a while, though. Take some time to let your child show you what they know. You may be surprised at how much you learn and you may encourage them to develop a better attitude toward learning.

Let Them Get You “In the Know”

Every generation develops tastes for different clothing styles, music, actors, and games. Ask your kids to get you up to date, show you how to be “hip” if you were a kid in this generation. It is fun exercise that may give you great insights into how this generation thinks. The exercise is non-judgmental, and may just inspire your kids to ask you to show them the same things from your generation.

Have Them Teach Their Siblings

Studies have shown that kids are more open to learning things from people closer to their age. If you have kids of different ages or ability levels, ask them to teach their siblings something that they are great at. It will give the teaching child an ego boost and most likely make the learning child more receptive. If you do this, be sure to ask each child to be the “teacher” at some point, so that jealousies and resentfulness do not develop.

Get Interested in What They Are Doing

Many parents are upset because they are having trouble helping their children with homework due to the major recent shifts in curriculum. While this is a valid complaint, especially when your child doesn’t understand something, it can be an opportunity when they do seem to understand what they are doing. If your child seems to be breezing through something that looks unfamiliar, ask them to show you how it’s done. It may help you help them later when they get to a tough spot and it will help build their enthusiasm for their abilities.

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