How to Puree Your Way into Your Kids Health

Tonight’s dinner was a request from Miss 11. It’s not pretty, but seconds were had – spaghetti bolognaise. Can you see the zucchini or chickpeas? No? That’s because I’m awesome 😉 

Hiding health in your kids food without the traditional battle ground antics doesn’t need to be complicated. Puree, puree, puree! If you’re still in doubt, that was – PUREE! Include it in every meal and snack. If one of your kids requests a specific meal it’s a great opportunity to sneak it in and you know they’ll eat it. Pureeing super veggies like cauliflower and zucchini can easily be hidden in mac n’ cheese when as a sauce, or spinach and blueberries in hamburger! A valuable tip is to color co-ordinate, blueberries and spinach puree would never work in mac ‘n’ cheese for example. They’re kids, not Sasquatch! Best yet, you can make a batch and store in refrigerator up to 3 days, or freeze one-quarter cup portions in sealed baggies or small plastic containers which is ideal for feeding your baby when switching to solids as well.

Use the following recipe to learn how to puree and this is a great idea to add to pasta or pizza sauce:

– 1 medium sweet potato or yam, peeled and rough chopped;
– 3 medium to large carrots, peeled and sliced into thick chunks;
– 2-3 tablespoons water

> Boil the veggies for about 20 minutes until yams, and especially the carrots, are very tender. If the carrots aren’t thoroughly cooked, they’ll leave telltale little nuggets of vegetables, which will reveal their presence – a gigantic NO-NO.

> Drain the potatoes and carrots but keep a cup of the water as it’s vegetable stock. Add to a food processor with two tablespoons of the water you saved and p-p-p-puree until smooth. Absolutely no pieces of carrots or potatoes should remain. Use more of the veggie stock water if necessary to make a smooth puree, but the less water the better.

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