Pregnant? Flu Shot?

Did you know pregnant women can get their flu shot at any point during pregnancy? The flu shot is the best way to protect pregnant women and their babies from the flu
Why does being pregnant put me at higher risk for getting the flu?

Flu season is here and you’re bombarded with information about flu shots. How do you decide? Before you make a choice¬†healthy for kids has outlined the key considerations, as any decision should be an informed decision.



During pregnancy your immune system is weaker and you’re more vulnerable to illness in general and even more prone to pregnancy complications from flu. It can develop at a quicker pace and cause conditions such as pneumonia or fetal distress, this can result in serious problems for your unborn baby, including premature labor and delivery. Additionally, fever in early pregnancy can lead to birth defects. This is what you will hear from most health professionals and can scare any pregnant Mom.


Of course, many moms-to-be who get the flu have no complications. But statistically, you’re more likely to develop a severe case when you’re pregnant.

If you ask Mom’s about the flu shot you’re likely to hear a totally different perspective. They tend to tap into primal instincts that have existed way before any medicine. Some moms have experienced the flu while pregnant and for their next, had a flu shot. Others won’t even consider it. So you have the facts but you’re still unsure, weigh up your risk of contraction: Do you have other kids at school who are usually ground zero for sickness? While not pregnant were you prone to sickness? Do you work in a high risk environment like schools or clinics? Weigh up your risk level then remember if you do get sick you can’t take medicine to recover. There are no right or wrong answers here, it’s a personal decision. Armed with these facts, you could research through online mommy communities and find answers to the specifics of your pregnancy. Add a comment below to start your own forum for concerns


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