Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates = PiYo



From the creators of the pumpkin Shakeology, we bring you PiYo. PiWho? You ask.  A revolutionary workout that incorporates principles of pilates and yoga, hence Pi(lates)Yo(ga), and it’s pregnancy approved.

PiYo workouts are a terrific combination of 3 types of workouts. They have Yoga, Pilates and resistance training exercises. These workouts develop the muscle strength, body flexibility and increase metabolism. What else you can ask for, to reduce your weight? In addition these workouts also include the cardio exercises to increase the heart rate.

There are various versions of PiYo workout techniques that they can serve according to the priorities of different people all of which can be adapted to whatever trimester of pregnancy you are experiencing like new mom to be in the photo.

Start your post pregnancy fitness now cos you know when your bundle of joy arrives you won’t have the time and you’ll want to stare at your new arrival until your eyeballs wear out!


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