Postpartum Mindfulness

It’s absolutely true, nobody likes an asshole, and yet everyone needs an asshole! But perhaps you are in that stage of postpartum with raging hormones, exhausted, self critical and outwardly critical and yet you’ve been blessed with this precious new life. So what do you do? Have you considered being mindful?

Mindfulness is one of the easiest states of being to achieve  Seriously. It’s about being in the moment and appreciating what’s in front of your face. Nowadays we are consumed by a world that expects you to multi-task and demands more and more, so much so, precious moments are lost and you don’t even notice. Before you know it, the kids are in college and you wonder what happened to their childhood.

Adopting a new perception of mindfulness will counteract any postpartum asshole behavior. When your husband or partner make you a delicious breakfast in an effort to care for you, but it’s all wrong and you want to throw it across the room, try to pause and instead consider the effort and loving gesture that was meant to act as a condiment to the burned toast. And hey, maybe it’s not all that bad. Look at what’s edible and focus on the taste, how it feels on your tongue, the smell, basically move through the senses and you will find your energy to have transformed.

When your child comes home from school with a picture just for you, direct your mindfulness to that,  Stop, listen, enjoy the moment  In years to come, having those memories will be your treasures and you’ll be grateful you interrupted your postpartum asshole behavior with a happy, happy moment!

Easy? No. Just be mindful of mindfulness!


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