Making Summer Colds Less of a Bummer

summer-coldsWhen the cold weather ends and the warm weather rushes in, the last thing that you expect is for your child to get sniffly and sneezy. Most families have all sorts of plans for the summer, so a summer cold can be a real bummer that drags down your child and puts a damper on the beach trips and vacations. To avoid the hassles of a summer cold, take precautions. If a summer cold should strike, follow a few tips so that it turns out to be less of a bummer and your child can still enjoy their summer.

Precautions for Prevention

Washing hands frequently and especially before meals is just as important during the summer as it is during the school season. Though children may not be playing with all of their friends at school and touching the desks, they may be touching playground equipment, railings at theme parks, and other germ-prone surfaces. Carrying sanitizer when hand washing stations are not as accessible may help you to cut down on the germ exposure. Feeding kids foods that are high in vitamin C can also help to build up immunity so that they are better able to fight off the germs.

Tips to Ease the Pain

When precautions fail and your child does acquire a summer cold, you can help to ease their pain so that they are not so miserable. While it is not advisable to continue on with your plans and take them places to get other children sick, they may still be energetic enough to enjoy the back yard and play on the swings. In some cases, the air conditioner dries out the air in the house too much, so a humidifier may help to ease dry noses and throats. Allow children to do what they are able, but watch them to make sure they are not overdoing it and prolonging the cold. If they get too worn out, let them rest and relax, rather than pushing on.

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