Making Life for a Child with Type 1 Diabetes Fun


It’s almost impossible to notice the inherent link between childhood fun and sugar until you meet or have a child with Type 1 diabetes. So many fun things in children’s lives are unconsciously joined with the ingestion of mass quantities of sugar that it is unbelievable when you have to try to figure out how to keep them healthy by avoiding all of the noise. Pinatas, trick or treating, birthday parties, even sleepovers have to be well thought out and discussed when your child has Type 1 diabetes.

Let Them Eat Dessert When They Can

Children with diabetes shouldn’t eat a lot of sugar often, but the time of day when they will be able to regulate it the easiest is usually in the morning. Let them have a piece of cake for breakfast or before lunch if they can. There are a lot of sacrifices they have to make, so let them have some benefits, too.

Allow a Sweet Treat After Sports

Sports and other activities that are highly physically exerting can cause the blood sugar to drop quickly. Bring a small lollipop or let them have a frozen juice pop after putting in a lot of effort.

Focus on Fun Experiences

Diabetes can make you realize just how much our culture looks to food for comfort and emotional uplifting, but you can always work to bring it back down to real experiences and away from the food filler. While you will always have to think about their sugar and whether it is going high or low, you can focus on providing them with rich experiences that take their minds off of what they can and can’t eat. Whether it is taking them to the park or coloring with them in their rooms, there are many ways besides allowing children to eat sweets that can make life fun.

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