Make Your Beach Trip with the Kids Easier with These 3 Tips

A day at the beach with kids can be an amazing day of serenity and memories – but only if it is planned properly. Beach trips require quite a bit on the part of parents and can go south very quickly if anything is missed. Instead of leaving the success and enjoyment of your beach trip to whimsy, take matters into your own hands and make it a great day by following these three tips.

Go Early or Late

beach early

Going to the beach early, by 9:00am, can let the kids get some fun in nice and early so that you can get out of the sun by the time it really heats up if you want. This gives you options for the rest of your day and allows plenty of time for a mid-afternoon nap to let the kids freshen up. If you can’t go early, it is best to wait until the sun has passed its peak and go at 3:00pm or so. This will allow the kids to play and have fun and still get home in time for dinner.

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