Make It Easy for Your Kids to Eat Healthier This Holiday Season


The holidays are a tough time to eat healthy, with holiday cookies, candies, and other goodies being given and shared. While keeping kids from having any of the holiday indulgences is not recommended, limiting their intake of sugar and harmful food additives can help prevent them from developing many conditions and ailments, while allowing them to spend their calories on food that is more nutritious. Instead of forbidding children to eat goodies, simply making it easier for them to eat healthier at home can keep the holidays joyous and healthful.

Make Water Readily Available and Encourage It

Sugary beverages can add large quantities of preservatives, sweeteners, and calories to children’s diets without properly hydrating them. Making water available and encouraging children to drink it will help to keep them away from the junk stuff, while keeping them more hydrated. Buying cases of water bottles and keeping a purifier in the fridge or on the sink can make it easier for kids-and adults-to make the healthier choice.

Make Homemade Treats

When you make your own holiday goodies, you can choose what goes into it. Keeping your ingredient list as natural as possible and avoiding recipes that call for tons of sugar can help you to keep the food nutritious, while satisfying your children’s sweets urges. This will also allow you to add healthy ingredients, like flax seeds, and cater to any allergies or food sensitivities that your child may have.

Limit Treats, While Keeping Healthy Foods Plentiful

It is easy to go overboard on buying chocolates and other goodies, but these items will not do any favors for kids’ waistlines or teeth. Instead, make it a point to keep healthy and seasonal fruit available (like lightly sweetened cranberries and fresh citrus,) while limiting processed treats. Keeping treats stashed and breaking them out slowly may also help to keep the holidays cheery and healthy.


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