Make Food More Appealing for Your Picky Eater with These 4 Tricks

Many kids are naturally picky eaters. Aversions to taste, texture, and trying new things can make it very difficult for us to get our kids to consume the proper nutrition. Instead of having a knock-down, blow-out fight at every meal and snack, try some of these strategies to get your picky eater to eat.

Make Food into Different Patterns

kid food scenes

Simply cutting a sandwich into the shape of a heart, making a cartoon face out of veggies, or making a little scene out of a snack can sometimes entice kids to eat things they otherwise wouldn’t. Don’t go overboard and stress yourself out, but try to make mealtimes a little more fun but making the food itself more fun. There are plenty of tutorials that can help you on this front.

Offer a Diverse Array of Colors

colorful veggie plate

Kids are naturally attracted to colorful things, so this may be a big advantage when trying to get kids to eat more fruits and veggies. Put a few different colors on the plate and let kids grab what they want. Forcing them to do anything will make it so much worse. Colorful grab-and-go meals and snacks are bound to go over much better than meals of one bland color.

Cover Veggies with Cheese

cheese covered broccoli

Yes, yes cheese is not the best for health. However, if it will get kids to eat broccoli and a whole host of other veggies, it is better that they eat those things with cheese and/or butter than not eat them at all. Just make sure they are actually eating the veggies and not just the chese.

Hide Veggies In Other Foods

veggies in food processor

Last but not least, hide the veggies in other foods. A food processor can help you hide a ton of veggies in burgers, casseroles, pastas, and other staples that kids normally love. This is a last resort option because it doesn’t guarantee that your kids will ever eat those veggies on their own, but it will help to get them some nutrition today.

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