Let Kids Play Video Games


I may get a lot of stink eye for this one, but I think that video games can be a good thing. I have learned a lot from video games, I feel like my kids have learned a lot from video games, and I feel like your kids can learn a lot from video games. Now, I’m not promoting war games or games where the characters cuss and steal, but I think most video games can teach valuable lessons, even those that are not outright marketed as educational.

Puzzle Games Make You Think

Puzzle video games can teach your children to think of things from a different perspective. Whether you are trying to line things up to get into a certain room, figure out numerical puzzles, or make line disappear, puzzle video games can challenge different areas of the brain than what may be challenged by school or social situations. This may make learning about new things just a little easier for your child.

Word Games Expand Vocabulary

Word games can be fun and can introduce kids to new words that they never would have learned. Word games like Words with Friends can be set to introduce you to a new word each day, which can instantly help to expand vocabulary. These games are best played together, so participate when you can.

Seek Out Learning Games

If your child is interested in video games, find some fun brain games to give him or her as a gift. Trying out new video games is a blast, so your child will be sure to give it a go. Make sure to look for things that are fun in addition to educational. Bright colors, mini games, and goals can make learning fun. Games that are simply educational can be boring and will be quickly abandoned, so don’t fall for the trap.

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