What You Should Know About Usher Syndrome

There Are Three Types of Usher Syndrome

usher syndrome vision

Children born with Type 1 Usher syndrome are deaf and have severe balance problems starting at birth. Vision problems begin in early childhood, usually by the age of ten and progress as the child ages until the child is completely blind. Teaching the child to communicate as soon as possible may enable the child to learn sign language and other communication skills that can be useful as the disease progresses.

Children born with Type 2 Usher syndrome are usually born with moderate hearing loss, though the degree of hearing loss may vary. Hearing aids can sometime be used. Balance is normal and unaffected by the disease. Vision loss usually doesn’t start until the teen years, but may progress to complete blindness.

Those born with Type 3 Usher syndrome are generally born with normal hearing, vision, and balance. As the child ages, vision, hearing, and sometimes balance worsen. The progression of the disease can vary widely for those with Type 3. By mid adulthood, however,  most individuals born with Type 3 Usher syndrome go completely blind.

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