Kids Breakfast Pizza

kids breakfast pizza
A breakfast pizza Turkey sausage as the crust, a few tomatoes, 2 over easy eggs and cheddar cheese. Pretty yummy!

Pizza is a kid favorite whatever time of the day, so why not breakfast? The pizza shown uses turkey sausage as crust, but you can also use this opportunity to sneak those whole grains in to help sustain your childs energy without blood sugar spikes, pita bread or flaky pastry are favorites. Breakfast pizza doesn’t have to be savory either.

Using jelly on the crust then a mixture of cream cheese with vanilla yogurt and granola and fruit as the topping is a delicious alternative. Because kids love pizza, it offers parents the versatility to use the ingredients you want your kids to try presented as pizza. It’s another chance to use some of the puree we mentioned in a previous post to bulk up the nutrition and they won’t have a clue. When you know your kids have the nutrition they need, it offers you peace of mind and a chance to teach your kids things like why Popeye prefers spinach to say, potato chips. And it’s an easy enough recipe for them to take part and get a little messy. Pizza and mess = win win!

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