Kids Are People, Too

kids-are-people-tooI read a rant today on social media that I’d like to bring to light here and discuss in the interest of opening a discussion. The rant read as follows:

“Back in the old days, we came home from school and did our homework, no game playing. We took our school clothes off when we got home and did not go outside and play in them. We didn’t sit and listen to grown-ups talk, we left the room until company left. We ate what was cooked or nothing at all!! When told to do something, we did it!! We didn’t say I will do it later. I’m thankful for the old days because it made me the person I am today…Repost if you agree back in the old days was something America should of stuck to for raising kids!!!”

Sorry about the grammar, that is how the rant read, verbatim. I think that this rant is a shining example of hindsight being 20/20. I’m not sure why the person that wrote this, or the many people that reposted agree with all of these sentiments, but I definitely don’t. My childhood was vastly different than the one described here and I’m grateful for that.

Pitfalls of Homework Immediately After School

When children get out of school, they typically have massive amounts of pent-up energy. Making kids do homework immediately after school can be like torture for a little person that has been patiently sitting all day, just waiting for the chance to get some energy out. Allowing them the chance to get some much-needed exercise before sitting for another few hours is necessary and healthy for their minds and bodies. It may also give them a small break that makes processing the information from the homework that much easier.

School Clothes versus Play Clothes

In many schools, this is a non-issue anymore because of uniforms. In some neighborhoods, this is non-issue because children do not own enough clothes to have separate school clothes and play clothes. Even for those children that are lucky enough to have school clothes versus play clothes, the bigger issue most parents are facing is that kids would rather sit sedentary than go outside and play anymore. In any case, is getting a little dirt on “school clothes” really a big deal?

Grown-Up Talk versus Kid-Friendly Talk

If there are other children to play with and activities, children typically do not want to hang around and listen to grown-ups talk. If they are short on other things to do, however, is it really that bad for children to speak to grown-ups and their friends? My opinion is that it is on the parents to either make sure the kids have plenty to do or appropriately gear conversations so that children can participate. After all, children are people, too.

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