Keep Kids Healthy and Hydrated with Water

kids-drink-waterWe all know that we should be drinking plenty of water each day, but we rarely stop to think about the fact that our children should also be drinking more water. Water is obviously flavorless, so it is typically not a kid’s first choice of beverage. However, water can help keep kids healthier and better hydrated than other beverages, which can curb problems down the road.

Start Water Early

The easiest way to get a kid to drink water regularly and often is to start early. If kids are used to drinking water, they will not be as inclined to put up a fuss when that is the beverage that is given. Kids will also become used to the way that they feel when they drink water, so their bodies will crave that feeling and it will become ever easier to get them to drink more water.

Benefits of Water for Kids

Drinking more water basically translates to drinking less of the sugary beverages that kids would most likely be drinking instead. Water also helps to prevent constipation, improve digestion, and foster proper blood circulation. These benefits can help kids to feel comfortable, which can help to improve concentration, mood, and behavior. Kids may also be able to fight off infection and illness better when the circulatory and digestive systems are working optimally.

Water in the Winter

While most parents focus on making sure kids have plenty of water when it’s hot out, it’s also important to make sure that kids drink plenty of water through the winter. Wintertime is often a time when kids are extremely active, building snowmen, sledding, and enjoying “snow days” out with friends. Due to the cold weather, kids may not feel thirsty as quickly, but that doesn’t mean that their bodies don’t need the hydration. Be sure to always keep water in places that are easy for kids to reach, so that they can grab and go while playing.

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