Keep Healthy Veggie Soups around This Winter


Winter is a great season for soups, stews, and chowders. The chill in the area makes it very comforting to sit with a hot bowl on your lap or on the table where you can warm your hands on it. You can smuggle any number of healthy ingredients into a soup, too, and it will taste all the more wonderful for it. You may be able to boost your family’s veggie intake quite a bit by keeping hot soups at the ready all winter long.

Use the Crock Pot

The crock pot is a lifesaver any old time, but it makes it really easy to make tasty winter soups. Most soups acquire more flavor after being in the crock pot for 10 hours or so, so you can start your soups in the morning and come home to them at night. The ambient warmth with be delightful when you come into the kitchen, too.

Mix Them Up

Hearty beef stews are a staple during the winter, but one too many may get boring. Try all-veggie soups with tomato or onion bases, rich chowders with creamy broths and seafood or chicken, clear soups with few solid ingredients, and even fusions with tofu and exotic ingredients. Expect that your children won’t like all of the soups and try half batches of newer recipes. If they have favorites from restaurants, try your hand at replicating the recipes. Ask the kids to get involved and tell you what kinds are their favorites or what they would like to try.

Make Plenty

For newer soups, it is a good idea to keep the quantity limited, but for favorites make a bunch. Having a healthy, veggie-filled soup in the fridge at the ready will enable kids to heat and eat a healthy meal every day. You can even freeze extras (depending on the ingredients) and have a back-up batch around.

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