Is It Just a Headache? What You Should Know About Child Migraines

Children can experience headaches just like adults and for many of the same reasons such as dehydration, hunger, and stress. However, sometimes a headache is not just a headache. Children can get migraines as early as 18 months old. Since children don’t know what’s happening, the experience can be traumatic and can affect every aspect of their lives. If your child is getting frequent headaches or you have identified the headaches as migraines, here’s what you should know.

Migraines Are Hereditary


Most children that get migraines have at least one parent that gets migraines. The cause is thought to be an element of the genetic makeup, but researchers have not yet pinpointed the specific gene issue. If both parents get migraines, a child is even more likely to get migraines.

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