Is K12 the Future of School?

k12-programWhen most parents picture home schooling, they picture long days spent with their children scrupulously writing with pencils and reading huge tomes. Well that may well be how some home schooling goes, some areas are making it easier-and more affordable-than ever to home school. The K12 program gives children the resources needed to complete home schooling online, so that parents do not have to rely on their own knowledge and expertise to provide children with a solid education from home.

Better for Some Children

While there are certainly benefits to attending public or private schools with other children, the K12 or home schooling model works better for some children and families. Children with physical disabilities may have an easier time attending school, since there is no need to travel. If the model becomes widespread, it could make it easier for families that travel a lot, as children will not get behind or miss days. The fact that the school work is assigned, tracked, and submitted online makes it easy for kids to complete their school work from practically any location.

Learning Levels

Children learn at different paces and K12 can make it easier to accommodate each child’s pace. Traditional learning environments make it very difficult for teachers to attend to students with different needs, such as learning disabilities or a capacity for advanced learning. Children with these needs are often put into special classes with children with similar problems, which may or may not address their specific needs. K12 is individually geared, so children will never “fall behind.”

K12 Support

While K12 is internet based, there is support so that children and parents have somewhere to turn when there are questions. There are also comprehensive online resources so that parents can research all aspects of the program. While K12 may not replace traditional schooling any time soon, it definitely gives children a great option when traditional school does not work for their needs.

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