Heirloom Tips: You Should Save These 4 things for Your Kids

Some parents go absolutely crazy saving every scribble and scrap from their child’s lives, thinking that their children will one day want these things for the memories. Or that they will want them for the memories. This pack-rat mentality will quickly clutter your house with things that probably no one will want in five years, or even in 20. Instead of saving every last scrap, save the following things for your kids so that they will have some memories, but not have to wade through old matchbooks and napkins just to find the door.

First Pet Name Tag or Collar

pet name tag

Pets are part of the family and your child will no doubt have a special bond with their first pet. Saving the name tag or collar may stir up some sadness when your child is grown, but it will also stir up the fond memories. Your child will be glad that you saved the name tag or collar.

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